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Conil de la Frontera Beaches

Before starting we invite you to watch this video of the main Conil Beaches and enjoy yourself

Roche Beach

This is an amazing beach in Conil located at the end of Roche, an up-market residential area 6 kms away from Conil. Roche beach is the perfect place to go with children because is easily accessibe.

With its more than 2 kms of white sand, this part of Cádiz coast tends not to be very crowded, and it is ideal for relaxing, reading or going for a walk. Pets are not allowed, even though this is not a very watched over beach, bringing the dog can cost you a fine. There aren’t users’ facillities, if any, during the summer season a drink and ice-cream stand is placed at the beach access. Normally you won’t have problems finding parking space within the resitential. In high season the streets that are closer to the beach can be crowded and you would have to park the car a bit further and walk towards the beach gazing at the stunning villas we find on our way. Roche is a waves’ beach, it is advisable to take exxtra care when swimming. This is a paradise for surfers, specially in wintertime when the beach is deserted. At the end of the beach you get to a cliffs area renowned as Calas de Roche

Calas de Roche

The Roche coves are located at the end of Roche beach and they offer peace and relax, along with a fine sand and blue waters in an habitat declared a protected area.

Just like going to the beach, to go to the coves you entre Roche residential area and follow the signs to the coves. If you are coming from Conil, we access the taking the fishing port’s road. Calas de Roche are stunning rocky beaches under a cliff that offer spectacular views of the ocean. At low tide you can go from a cove to another in a pleasant walk. Do not miss the wonderful sun sets you get from here. The path down to the coves is not always easy, therefore not recommendable for people with reduced mobility or kids. Some of the coves have a parking lot near them, so reduced that during the peak season it is almost imposible to find a parking space. Expert advice: if you want to park your car close to the coves, get up early!
Calas de Roche do not have any facility for the users, nor supermarkets are near, therefore takee plenty of water and foor for your journey. It is also advisable to take a sun umbrella to avoid sunburns. From the first of the coves until the last one there is a natural route for those looking for walks, being careful with the cliffs. In the past the area was not very frecuented, you would be lucky to see a couple of swimmers in search of privacy. Nowadays specially in summer, at high tide or windy days, the coves can be overcrowded with no space even to place the beach towel. The coves aree frequented by laid-back young people, many of them nudists looking for a relaxing beach journey. The main Roche coves are five, we will talk about the accessible ones:

Cala de En Medio or La Encendida

Locate right in Roche residential area and under the famous restaurant Cabo Roche, this is the first cove also called Cala de Poniente. cala_encendida This is a much frequented beach specially in summer because it has an easy access with wooden walkway to the shoree. The only facility is the restaurant found on top of the cliff. We recomend this cove if you are coming with kids or elderly people. The name “encendida” comes from the reddish colour like a flame that the sun casts on the cliff’s rocks in the evening.

Cala El Aspero

Next to Cala Encendida, at low tide you can cross from one to another. They are also connected by a path up in the cliff within the natural park. Cala el Aspero This second Cala de Roche is easy to access, but bear in mind the parking lot is far from it and there are not users facilities. It is an amizing landscape with rock formations in the middle, and in days of heavy swell, the wild sea crashes over the rocks in a breathtaking display.

Cala del Frailecillo

This is one of the coves with a smaller area; especially at high tide and during the summer it is almost impossible to enjoy it because it quickly gets crowded. Cala del Frailecillo To access the cove a long stair has been built taking advantages of the cliff’s path. Cala Frailecillo is frequented by nudists in seach of intimacy. It is also usual to see fishermen in the area. There is not any kind of facilities, so make sure you take plenty of water, food and do not forget the sun umbrella.

Cala El Pato

La Cala del Pato is a tiny cove with a complicate access and dangerous for bathing due to big stones near the sea shore.

Cala del Pato

Cala del Pato

La Cala del Pato or Duck Cove due to a rock which has the appearance of a duck’s head and neck, is not recommended when going with clindren. There is a parking lot at the end of the cove, on the cliff, but in summer it gets full quite soon. People usually access this cove from Frailecillo’s cove, but if the tide when the tide is high there is no wayback. Only daring people take the risk, this is why Cala del Pato is one of the less crowded of the Roche’s coves.

Cala Del Tio Juan Medina

This the last of Roche’s coves or Poniente, an official nudist beach in Conil. With its golden sand and the blue of the water this is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole region.

Cala del tío Juan Medina

Cala del tío Juan Medina

On the road that leads to Conil’s lighthouse and in front of Cala del Tio Juan Medina there is a parking area. From here, you just walk a short distance to the beach, through the natural path that goes to the cliff and take the stairs down to the beach. Once more we have to point out that there are no facilities, and we will make sure we have water and food for the journey. It is usual to see people with pets because it is not strictly prohibited to take them to the coves.

La Cala Del Faro

It is not clear whether this cove is one of the Calas de Roche, but it does not matter. It is an amazing spot anyway.

Cala del Faro, Conil

Cala del Faro, Conil

Located just before Conil fishing port, this cove is close to the public because of its damaged access. Even though we can not go down, we can enjoy the beautiful panoramic from the top of the cliff and continue our way towards another coves or beaches in Conil.

La Cala Del Aceite

Next to Conil fishing port, this is one of the largest coves in Conil. It’s a semi-urban beach with users facilities such as car park, ‘Chiringuito’ (drinks stand)and toilets.

When the east wind blows hard Cala del Aceite is one of the few beaches where you can be comfortable. This beach as an easy access what makes it become very busy most of the time. During the summer time specially over the weekend you should better choose an alternative beach if you are looking to relax. It has good swimming conditions, perfect to go with kids and spend a long beach journey. Next to Cala del Aceite there are some other small coves that even when they are not suitable for the public, we want to mention: Cala Melchor, Cala de los Pitones, Cala del Sudario, Calas del Quinto and Camacho.

Playa Puntalejo

Puntalejo cove, is the nearest to the village, close to Fuente del Gallo.

It is an area easily accessible, to get there we must leave the car in the parking lot just before you get to the residential area. From there we will walk just 150 metres down a slope. Cala Puntalejo is about 200 metres long and like the rest of Conil coves is surrounded by cliffs. You will identify it by a torn bunker built into the cliff in the southern part of the beach. It is very typical to get inside the bunker and look through the windows, to one side you will descry Fuente del Gallo beach, and to the other side Puntalejo beach. This is an area where the east wind or ‘levante’ hardly blows because it is sheltered by cliffs. Be especially careful when bathing at low tide, when it appear a number of rocks on the shore. There are no beach services for users, but carrying enough supplies, this is an ideal place to spend a day with the family. It is a popular beach for its easy access, in summer there is not a day when it is not full. Dogs are allowed, as there is no monitoring or signs prohibiting carry.

Fuente Del Gallo beach

Perfect to visit when the east wind is blowing hard, this beach is also known for its rock formation in the sea, known as the “three stones”. There are services for users such as snack bar, restaurant, showers and aid station.

The beach of Fuente del Gallo faces the development of the same name, about 4 kms from Conil city centre. It is about one km long, but it is quite narrow, especially at high tide. Early morning and evening, you can see a number of people walking along the shore. It is an semi-urban beach, with basic services such as bins or toilets, and as the other beaches and coves in the area, the sand is fine and golden and the water is cold. The east wind is barely noticeable here thanks to the shelter by the cliffs. There are buses from the city centre to La Fuente del Gallo; It is not very difficult to find a parking space in the area.

El Roqueo beach

El Roqueo is a semi-urban beach located at the foot of a dramatic cliff, between La Fuente del Gallo and La Fontanilla.

It is approximately a Km long, but it is so narrow and rocky that when the tide is high, the beach disappears almost completely. To access El Roqueo area leave Conil village and go towards La Fuente del Gallo, taking an unpaved but very well displayed road we arrived at Roqueo. Right in front of the beach there is a small parking lot, but we can also leave the car in one of the lanes in the area. Once there, there is a path that starts with steps in the cliff and ends at the beach. The Roqueo has no services for the users, only on the way down to the beach there is a restaurant with the same name that is quite popular for tourists and locals in the summer. We can say that it is not a crowded beach, ideal for relaxing. From there you can descry one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Cadiz coast.

La Fontanilla beach

La Fontanilla is one of the main urban beaches of Conil de la Frontera and has a distinctive blue flag.

Unlike wild beaches of Conil is a beach that has all kinds of services for users, such as disabled access, monitoring, restaurants, toilets, bins or hire of sunbeds. there is a parking area right in front of the beach, but to find a space in summer is almost impossible. With an area of ??more than a kilometre, easy access and moderate swell, La Fontanilla beach is very popular and is frequented by families with children, groups of young people and people of any age. During the winter it is common to see people exercising by the shore; in summer it is usually crowded, especially on weekends. Typically users spend all day in La Fontanilla, pausing to eat at any of the renowned bars and restaurants that are facing the beach, where you can taste the freshest fish from the bay and the best meats in the region. There are also ice cream shops and bars, so it is common to see vacationers leaving the beach late in the afternoon, it is a very safe area and definitely the most comfortable beach in Conil de la Frontera. See video of La Fontanilla beach

Chorrillo beach

Named after the jets emerging from the cliffs that protect it, Chorrillo beach is located at the end of Conil promenade. playa el chorrillo

Parking in the area is not possible, it can only be reached on foot from the village, which makes it a very quiet, usually frequented by locals beach. It have fewer services than La Fontanilla, but still has surveillance, showers and toilets and a snack bar during the summer season. In the area there are hotels and houses that are rented seasonally.

Playa Los Bateles

In front of the town of Conil, Los Bateles beach is one of the most frequented.

It is easily accessible and has a wide variety of services for users: parking, security, toilets and showers, a snack bar in summer and even amphibious chair for disabled people or sports tracks. Los Bateles beach is distinguished with the Blue Flag and Quality Q. It is a beach with a family atmosphere. Given the proximity to the village, tourists and locals like to stroll along the beach all day, especially in the early morning and at dusk.

Castilnovo beach

Castilnovo is the first beach of Conil or the last one, depending on where we are. It is a very extensive and unspoiled beach, uncrowded even in high season. playa-castilnovo

Because it is an uncrowded beach, it presents a totally natural unspoiled look. It is one of the few beaches that allow dogs, so it is common to see people walking their pet, also often frequented by nudists, same-sex couples and anyone who whats to get away from a bustling beach. When the east wind blows up there is common to see surfers looking for waves. There are no services for the users. We can categorize it as rural beach, is located just outside the town of Conil and has a difficult access. It is best to leave the car in the parking lot of El Palmar, and walk up to the tower of Castilnovo, which gives the beach its name.

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